National Network of Healthcare Hygienists Monthly Membership

$11 Monthly Payments

Broadening horizons by building on what you already know and do

Helping registered dental hygienists specialize in the areas of medicine they are most passionate about, while expanding roles in non-traditional settings.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Access to a network of passionate hygienists with a mission of dental / medical integration
  • Discounts and presales on our certifications and courses offered
  • CE & group coaching in areas of collaborative care, business & program development, and proposal writing
  • Supporting our mission of an RDH being part of every collaborative care team in the US by 2025
  • An affordable monthly subscription with a username and password providing access into the network

Terms & Conditions

By joining the network, you are stating that you understand NNHH is for registered dental hygienists who live in the United States only. By joining the network, you attest to having a valid RDH license and understand you may be asked to show proof of that license at any time. You understand NNHH will not keep track of your renewal date, and therefore holds you accountable for any correspondence required, should your license be cancelled or revoked.

By joining, you agree to give permission for your membership to renew monthly. You may log in and cancel your membership any time.

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